Who are we?

The next evolution of an organization originally founded in 2011, the Consortium de ressources et d’expertises coopératives was created in 2014 around a simple idea: to bring together federations of cooperatives that require common services to give them access to the resources and highly specialized expertise that they would not be able to obtain otherwise.

Since then, our solidarity cooperative has stayed true to this goal.

In partnership with the Coopérative de développement régionale du Québec, we aim to contribute to strengthening the organizational abilities of non-federated cooperatives by responding to their specific requests and needs.

Today, our team of professionals continues to offer diversified services for a fair price. Like a tool kit, we respond to the needs expressed by our members by actively supporting them in the achievement of their objectives, optimizing how they function and, above all, working together to develop and improve their business practices.

Far from replacing cooperative groups, we offer them technical and human support. In concert with them, we prioritize intercooperation, initiative, and synergy. We pave the way for innovation in cooperative and collective environments through our innovative approach of building business plans and reflecting on the provision and distribution of services.


The mission of Consortium de ressources et d’expertises is to provide its members, primarily cooperative groups, with professional services at a fair cost.

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